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Module 12 Demo (William Ng)
Module 13 Demo (Fiona Lam)
Module 14 Demo (Fiona Lam)
ACCA Tax Demo (Fiona Lam)
ACCA AA Demo (Fiona Lam)
ACCA Strategic Business Leader Demo (Fiona Lam)
ACCA Strategic Business Reporting Demo (Alvin Wan)
ACCA ATax Demo (Fiona Lam)
ACCA AAA Demo (Fiona Lam)
Module 11 Demo (Alvin Wan)
Module A Demo (Walter Lau)

Contributing to the failure of playing videos, please kindly noted that you could follow below steps to fix the video problem when using Chrome:


1.      Enter chrome://flags/#legacy-tls-enforced in Chrome's URL 

2.      Disable Enforce deprecation of legacy TLS versions

3. Re-open Chrome and try again.